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spectiv llcD 1 primary_review-magazin.ru X D LIVE Spectiv, LLC WEST GRAY ST SUITE HOUSTON TX TEXAS Free Business profile for SPECTIV LLC at W Gray St, Houston, TX, ​, US, SPECTIV LLC specializes in: Computer Processing and Data.

This content spectiv llc range from professionally produced to casually recorded uploads. Commercial VR Events VR live streams will address sporting events, concerts, and more from premium seat proximities for a truly engaging perspective.

This enables viewers to not only watch popular events, but to be fully immersed spectiv llc the atmosphere remotely. spectiv llc

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Spectiv llc users have a say in what spectiv llc want to experience. SIGs will be available for purchase on 8 December This spectiv llc that there are no inherent security flaws in the Wallet that is shared across the pool of users. As a result, entire economies have formed around the exchange of attention.

Curators: Curators are the influencers of spectiv llc and share content with their unique audience of engaged viewers.

spectiv llc


It follows that advertisers should buy or spectiv llc attention by interacting directly with publishers, viewers and curators. However, this is not the case today.

Spectiv llc

Advertisers pay spectiv llc campaigns through centralized entities that spectiv llc as attention brokers between advertisers and publishers Google, Facebook etc. Spectiv llc creates a barrier that advertisers and media publishers must funnel through to reach viewers.

As such, these intermediary entities control access to, and the management of, attention data related to an advertising campaign. This leads to the charge of substantial matchmaking fees.

This protocol decentralizes the interaction between advertisers, content publishers, viewers, and curators. Spectiv llc is open- source and intended for other media platforms to build upon.

The Spectiv llc enables advertisers to article source ad campaigns by directly rewarding the producers, providers, and influencers of attention source rather than going through a spectiv llc.

Spectiv llc

Advertisers can target their smart contract to a wide portfolio of content or even one specific media item. Advertisers choose the budget of their campaign by committing the exact number of SIGs that they want to be dispersed. Advertisers also set custom conditions for the smart contract; e.

This supports a transparent, competitive marketplace, where participants compete for the highest-rewarding spectiv llc contract. Advertisers can then visibly aim for low-cost, or appropriate and effective cost campaigns.

This provides a reward opportunity for all participants. An Open-Source Protocol The Spectiv Company developed the Signal Token Protocol specifically for use within Spectiv, but we understand that accurate attention data analytics is difficult to perfect.

Additionally, we understand that for real-world advertisers to engage with SIGs, the protocol must accommodate more than just Spectiv mine bitcoin 2020 how. We have developed SIGs for any ad-driven media platform to use and build upon; video-based, audio-based, written-based, or mixed.

Rather, it is built to be its own decentralized, autonomous protocol that can support multiple attention economies. Each media platform can integrate its own unique mechanisms for monitoring genuine attention data, contributing to the long- term effectiveness of the just click for source. Below we have listed the fundamental, open-source uses for Signal Tokens that spectiv llc be implemented into the Spectiv platform: Publishers When a publisher contributes VR content, they will have the option to be included in all Ad Campaign Smart Contracts for that particular content.

To do this, a publisher can simply tie their SIG wallet to the content spectiv llc contributed. If an advertiser spectiv llc a campaign on that content, the publisher will be rewarded with a percentage of SIGs for every view and conversion that was incurred while hosting the ad.

Viewers Viewers are able to get SIG rewards by directly engaging with advertisements. If a media platform adopts the Protocol, it can offer registered users the option to obtain SIG rewards. When this viewer watches a full ad, visits a link, or makes a spectiv llc, that information is sent to the relevant Ad Campaign Smart Contract.

Curators Curators can be rewarded with SIGs for sharing content with their friends and followers. To do this, a curator must generate a personalized Signal link URL to the content they wish to share.

This unique URL connects the curator with the content. If the curator shares this link with their followers, all attention driven through the link will be tracked and spectiv llc to the More info Campaign Smart Contract.

Tips The community-driven user-to-user tipping system within Spectiv is one of the most unique features of the platform.

It also means the average publisher can be rewarded based on the breadth of contributing viewers.

Spectiv llc

Indicating Preference Spectiv users who hold SIGs will have the ability to spectiv llc their support for particular content that they would like to see on the platform. These act as a feedback from viewers to Spectiv in relation to major content contributions for example, which country might be featured for an exclusive VR walkthrough.

Purchasers will be able to purchase SIGs through the use of a smart contract using the Ethereum protocol. Once the sale is spectiv llc, there will be no further opportunity to buy SIGs at a discount from the Spectiv Company.

SIGs will be distributed following the sale and an accounting audit process. These reserve tokens will be released slowly over the course of an extended pilot-testing period. In addition, the tokens will be available from direct purchases from the platform at a price to be set by the Spectiv Company, which shall not be less than the discounted price obtained in the token sale.

Further guidance on this process will be elucidated in subsequent documentation prior to the spectiv llc of SIGs. Finally, these spectiv llc may also be used for click the following article or deals that spectiv llc for spectiv llc betterment of the Spectiv VR platform.

Spectiv - decentralized virtual reality (ICO - 7m$ raised)

Examples of this could be using Platform Reserve tokens to acquire licenses for content, bringing on advisors specific to Spectiv VR, acquiring VR related technologies, etc SIGs spectiv llc be released after a 3-month period following the end of the token sale.

The visit web page will end immediately if the max cap is TEAM reached. Spectiv llc crowdsale participants will have the opportunity to buy SIGs at a discount to this price, based on the timing of their purchase.

SIGs will be sold spectiv llc 4 levels, with each level representing an early bird bonus go here. The earlier the purchase, the greater bonus that can be expected.

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This system essentially rewards buyers in extra SIGs for showing early spectiv llc and engagement.

After a user inputs their ETH address, they will be provided with the purchasing address that they can send payment to.

Spectiv llc

Once payment has been made, users will see a receipt detailing the spectiv llc of SIGs they purchased and bonus SIGs redeemed. SIGs will be distributed to user-provided ETH spectiv llc through the smart contract 30 days following the end of the sale to account for the audit process.

Spectiv llc

Spectiv is a user-integrated market of virtual reality spectiv llc. Community-driven content could be as simple as travels and regular day- LEGAL to-day living, or as deviceful as guerilla journalism, wherein users could share real-time local perspectives of politically charged regions, creating an spectiv llc news outlet.

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These are just a few examples of what is possible with community-driven content on the Spectiv platform. Spectiv creates spectiv llc environment for users to not only spectiv llc VR content, but to contribute their spectiv llc and share it with others.

This community- driven, user-based content promotes organic social growth among users. This model has proven successful for streaming platforms outside of the VR space and will be equally integral in building an click here user base for VR streaming.

Initially, we plan to work with independent VR enthusiasts around the world who have already adopted VR recording systems. They will be the first general users to publish content on Spectiv, generating an immediate selection of community provided VR content. This content will include pre-recorded productions and live streams — essentially any VR experiences users want to share.

Building this spectiv llc of content will be a primary focus for the Spectiv alpha V1 release.

Spectiv also provides an ecosystem for rewards between users, wherein viewers spectiv llc tip streamers for content they enjoy as well as subscribe to be updated on new spectiv llc releases.

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This is a core element of the person-to-person Spectiv environment because it enables users to be rewarded for sharing their VR experiences with the Commercial Events Sports, music, and other such performances were historically and naturally designed to be experienced spectiv llc person.

The thrill of these events lies in the atmosphere go here surrounds them: the people, the energy, and the details.

These real-life elements cannot spectiv llc replicated in a modern, at-home TV viewing experience. Spectiv llc VR technology, Spectiv makes it possible for these viewers to experience that real- life glory from the comfort of their living room.

This means spectiv llc when viewing these events from home with a VR headset, viewers will virtually be in that seat. For example, if the state of Hawaii wanted to produce a VR tour of the islands to attract tourism, we could work together to create a truly immersive perspective for the world to see.

Or if spectiv llc director wanted to create a VR documentary on the deep-sea spectiv llc of the Pacific Ocean, we could accommodate the tools and expertise necessary to make a quality production.

Most importantly, we just click for source to present all options to the community and give viewers what they want.


Original content will not be introduced until Spectiv has a self-sustaining user spectiv llc, robust user-to-user streaming environment, and live commercial broadcasting channels.

Publishers: all users spectiv llc upload VR content, live or pre-produced. This content can range from experiences as novel as skydiving to activities as simple as grocery shopping.

One of our initial objectives is to build an immediate selection of global VR experiences for viewers to choose from. As such, we will spectiv llc incentives for spectiv llc see more upload content from their uniquely local regions to spectiv llc build spectiv llc global portfolio of VR content on the platform.

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Viewers: consuming the Spectiv llc content on Spectiv. They are the most important element of Spectiv. There are two main objectives that must be achieved to offer viewers the best experience possible.

First and foremost, the Spectiv Company is to make it a priority to offer a very wide range of VR experiences to choose from.

This includes officially licensed live spectiv llc, global user-driven contributions, and eventually Spectiv Original VR check this out. Second, we will spectiv llc the spectiv llc interface spectiv llc, intuitive, and unintimidating.

In the attention market, curators provide value to attention payers by filtering through and ROADMAP consolidating content uniquely catered to their following. Today, followers are paying most of spectiv llc TEAM attention to these signals rather than to the actual content creators.

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This new intermediary role does not present a problem in mainstream content mediums like music, video, news, etc. This is because these mediums have already been critically adopted spectiv llc a large scale, such that there are more than enough curators to spread the content.

In other words, this layer acts fluidly as a channel to ensure quality content gets link exposure it deserves. However, this layer creates a degree of friction for an emerging content format; if curators have spectiv llc adopted the new content medium, they will not send out spectiv llc to their followers.

And since viewers are rewarded for their attention almost exclusively on these signals, they most likely will not be exposed to the content.

To spectiv llc mainstream VR adoption, we spectiv llc deliberately penetrate this dynamic. We plan to do this by capitalizing on the spectiv llc of existing content curators to reach a critical mass of attention spectiv llc.

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