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Barack Obama on social media

It is run by Chris Hughesone of the three co-founders of Facebook, and has been described as a "sort of social network". Four hundred thousand videos that supported Obama were posted into YouTube via the official website. Thirty-five thousand volunteer groups were created.

Buy twitter accounts reddit

Thirty million dollars were spent by 70, people into their own fundraising webpages. In the final four days of the campaign, three million phone calls were buy twitter accounts reddit through the website's internet virtual phone.

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Users left 22, comments and questions for the President, [48] 10 of which he answered. The answered questions' topics included more serious topics, from the most difficult decision made during his first buy twitter accounts reddit to a plan to end the corruption of money in politics.

Buy twitter accounts reddit

Please click for source included a more lighthearted focus, like the recipe for the White House beer.

In response to Obama's use of Buy twitter accounts reddit, many noted buy twitter accounts reddit bypassing of generally established buy twitter accounts reddit of mainstream media in use during the campaign in favor of less-filtered and buy twitter accounts reddit forms of communication.


Facebook[ edit ] The Barack Obama Facebook buy twitter accounts reddit is currently the official Facebook for the former president and was buy twitter accounts reddit Facebook during the campaign buy twitter accounts reddit. Looking back onto the election, Obama was able to buy twitter accounts reddit the public through social media, especially Facebook.

Buy twitter accounts reddit

In fact, by the peak of the Obama campaign, his Facebook has around 3 million friends. He was the first politician I dealt with who understood that the technology buy twitter accounts reddit a given and that it could be used in new ways.

Buy twitter accounts reddit

The transformation of social media sites into capital gain can show how he was so effective in mobilizing buy twitter accounts reddit and volunteers.

This created a sense of trust, support and effective campaigning that made his campaign so successful.

Buy twitter accounts reddit

In Marchthe Barack Obama team created an interconnection between a user's account here Obama's official website and Facebook account, so buy twitter accounts reddit user may publish activities via sending postings from one to another.

Most of the general public only has an account to one social media login.

Buy twitter accounts reddit

So what buy twitter accounts reddit Obama campaign did knowing this information is Obama created use faces see more over 15 social mediums, including Facebook.

Controversy[ edit ] The topic of social media regarding presidential campaigns come with a bit of hesitation to the general public. The concept of micro-targeting is the use of personal information, garnered from buy twitter accounts reddit twitter accounts reddit social media sources and public records, builds profiles for that of the voting demographic.

Buy twitter accounts reddit

Through Obama's successful online presence, his supports and online friends were able to build an incredible amount of information toward his campaign that helped micro-targeting and social media strategy.

This received a lot of criticism under the Trump administration due to his policy use of Cambridge Analyticawhich a Britain-based company who provides information and strategies for micro-targeting buy twitter accounts reddit other tactics along those lines.

OFA Obama's campaign voluntarily solicited opinions of hundreds of thousands of voters.

Buy twitter accounts reddit

We didn't commit theft to do our groundbreaking work. The social media footprint of a presidential candidate plays league of legends account price integral role buy twitter accounts reddit how a candidate portrays themselves on the social medium.

Buy twitter accounts reddit

Obama's Facebook has left a lasting buy twitter accounts buy twitter accounts reddit, as it currently has over 54 million likes and 53 million friends.

Tying back into the impact, it allows for voters to feel a connection to candidates that might not be able to be felt over a television ad or a pamphlet.

Buy twitter accounts reddit

It connects them into the social sphere and allows for a community to be built around a given candidate.

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