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Cryptocurrency deposit account

cryptocurrency deposit accountCryptocurrency savings accounts tout high interest rates, but is your money really safe? The minimum crypto deposit amount is BTC, ETH, BCH or All transfers must be performed using your own bank account, and not that of a.

Why are my SGD withdrawals so slow?

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Click withdrawals via bank transfers are typically processed within 3 btcz 5 business days.

If your withdrawal is taking longer than the stated time period, kindly drop our team a ticket with the details of your transaction and we will sort it out for cryptocurrency deposit account.

Cryptocurrency deposit account

Please be assured that our team is working to ensure all transactions are processed within the cryptocurrency deposit account timeframes!

Transactions may get delayed due to various reasons. You may experience a delayed transaction due cryptocurrency deposit account a congested network, or a lack of hashing power.

Cryptocurrency deposit account

We cryptocurrency deposit account checking blockchain. For more information, click here. On 30 Julywe upgraded cryptocurrency deposit account way we support Stablecoins on our platform to better align with upcoming regulatory changes surrounding the support for Stablecoins for our Singapore users.

What are Transfer limits?

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Transfer limits refer to the total value of all assets source you withdraw in a defined period of time— basically, the total amount that you can withdraw cryptocurrency deposit account fiat or send https://review-magazin.ru/account/buy-chegg-account-cheap.html crypto.

Transfer limits are monitored on a daily and day basis.

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You CAN increase your transfer limits. This is because most financial assets are pegged against the US Dollar, and Asian currencies tend to be more volatile.

Why are there high transaction fees for sending crypto?

Cryptocurrency deposit account

Transaction fees may cryptocurrency deposit account fluctuate depending on how many pending transactions there are on the network; higher fees may be required to ensure a quicker processing time. Please note that Coinhako does NOT earn from these fees. Instead, we exercise flexible fees payable to the miners to ensure that your transactions are part cryptocurrency deposit account the highest percentile of transaction spending on the network during times cryptocurrency deposit account high transaction volume.


This simply means that your outgoing transactions from Coinhako will have a higher chance of being confirmed on the blockchain much quicker. Why are there delayed display of my funds on Coinhako? As with the upgrade to Xfers Direct Charge duringXfers wallet balances are no longer displayed on Coinhako.

Instead, you can fund cryptocurrency deposit account Coinhako SGD wallet directly through this new cryptocurrency deposit account deposit account Xfers users can now enjoy full access to support cryptocurrencies on our platform!

After requesting for a deposit, you will receive the necessary details needed for you to make a FAST transfer to Xfers.

Cryptocurrency deposit account

Do note that the FAST transfer must be made https://review-magazin.ru/account/free-steam-accounts-with-csgo-skins.html an external banking platform, but the amount will be credited automatically to your Coinhako wallet.

Cryptocurrency deposit account were some tokens delisted?

How to deposit and withdraw on Binance

Changes to token support were made on 4 Junewith a need to align our services with latest regulations in Singapore. As a result, support for certain tokens were removed, reduced or changed for visit web page Singapore users.

Any changes to token support will always be communicated to users prior to implementation across more info channels.

Make cryptocurrency deposit account you whitelist our email hello coinhako.

Cryptocurrency deposit account

Yes, it's been an exciting year for us with plenty cryptocurrency deposit account new updates to your platform! Here are some of the key updates thus far: 1. Our users can now trade these tokens with currencies supported in their local markets.

Invest in cryptocurrencies and earn %* interest per year on your bitcoin.

Automated Identity Verification Processes Account verification cryptocurrency deposit account now faster, easier and more secure for all Coinhako users!

Our Singapore users may complete account verification in a matter of minutes via MyInfo. For more information cryptocurrency deposit account our new and improved verification process, please visit here. You can also read our privacy policy on how we use data.

Cryptocurrency deposit account

Changes to Token Support As of 17 JuneCoinhako introduced updates to the support for cryptocurrencies on our platform; These updates saw the support for a number cryptocurrency deposit account tokens reduced or removed cryptocurrency deposit account also changed the way we support stablecoins on Coinhako.

These changes came with a need to align our business with regulations in Singapore but has also opened up new opportunities for our users and our business. While your Xfers wallet balance is no longer go here on Coinhako, you can directly fund your Coinhako SGD wallet with this new Xfers feature.

This update cryptocurrency deposit account no longer restricts the access to cryptocurrencies for Xfers users on Coinhako; you will be able to trade any supported cryptocurrencies.

How to deposit your cryptocurrency

Figured it out? Start Trading Now! If you require further information, you may contact us here or visit our Blog for the latest updates.

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